I’m Jordy, born and raised in Dordrecht the Netherlands. Now living in the beautiful city of Leiden.

From as young as I could remember, I’ve sat in corners, listening to my dad’s records. Always listening to the music, but also to the sound. Always taking the bigger and better headphones, adjusting his speakers to get the best sound possible.

When I gotten my first PC, an old Tuplip 8086, I started to play video games, and love the music from it. Prince of Persia, Quest for Glory, Ski or Die and Dune.
After my borther gotten a Nintendo NES, my love for game music really started: Kirby’s Dreamland, Mario, Low G Man, Megaman 3, Shadow Warriors, Chip ‘n Dale and of course.

When computers got better, new games started to hit the market. Command & Conquer was one of those games I truly adored. It’s my favorite genre. I found outthat the music was created using a Roland JV-2080. Obviously, I had got myself a JV-1080 since it was close enough, and affordable.

When I was old enough to start playing musical instruments, I started off with oboe. It wasn’t the instrument for me, but the sound is what captured me. After that, I went on playing keyboard & piano. Never really gotten further with it. When starting high-school, me and my friends started to play guitar. I bought myself a Challenger maple telecaster-model, modified it with a brass nut, and put Seymour Duncan pickups and Sperzel locking tuners. To play metal, of course ;-).

When I ended up in other classrooms than my friends, I made some new friends and started to play piano. I started to learn piano from scratch with the song “To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X. Me and my classmates started to develop a game. Since I wasn’t the C++ guy, I chose composing. Calling it for now, “project mojo”. The game never got passed a very initial phase, however, some of the story lines and music has already been written. You can take a listen to it here.

When reflecting on what I’ve done with music, it became clear to me I rather compose the music instead of learning just one instrument. I’ve started to gather different musical instruments like synthesizers, guitars, effects, and virtual instruments to make more music, in the broadest way possible.

This is what I love, and this is what I will do.