Roland Boutique JX-03 Review

February 27, 2018 | in: Instruments

I recently had a talk with the representative of Roland Benelux at my home. He mentioned that the Roland Boutiques are in limited supply. I’ve read that before, and did not think of it as something I should pay attention to. After this discussion, I started to get curious of how limited these units actually are. Very fast, I noticed that the JU-06 (Juno 106 recreation) was no where to be found anymore, and hardly second hand. They were a pain to get. More on that later. In the meantime, I found a JX-03 and started
Disclaimer: I did not play an original JX-3P.

First the look and feel

The Roland Boutiques feel very nice. Solid metal casing and pretty solid knobs as well. This does not feel like a toy. I personally do not like the micro-usb connector, and the micro-jacks, I always feel like its a mediocre connection.

The sound

I am very happily surprised with the sound of the JX-03. Its bold, straightforward and beautiful sounding. I do not have the feeling I am playing a digital synth.
Admitting that I never played the original one (like many), so I will not make any comparison with the two.

There are many articles to be found that say that the JX-3P does not have a lot of character. I think that they are wrong. With the low pass filter on lower regions, it has a very nice distinctive base sound. This video uses the sequencer for the base line look which I think is pretty characteristic. I do not hear this in my other synthesizers.

One of the first synth-lines I’ve made is the sequenced part of the opening tune of “Stranger Things”. I love the sound and comes very close to the original sound. The presets are fun, especially the synth-brass ones.

If you can get them cheap, and looking for this kinda sound… I would suggest to be quick 🙂

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